7 Best Mass Gainers for Hardcore Gaining in 2019

Working out for months?

But not able to gain muscles. I know It’s pretty hard to gain muscles.

If you want to bulk up faster,

You need a mass gainer.

And to make your work easy. I have reviewed 7 best mass gainers by considering all the factors and things needed for gaining weight and muscles.

Before going to the in-depth reviews of each product, I have divided the mass gainer into 3 different categories.

Note: Being a fitness expert,  I have personally tried these gainers to gain muscles and bulk up in my gaining phase.

Best Mass Gainer for Hardgainers or Ectomorphs

Labrada Gainer is the Harcore gaining product. This mass gainer gives you 1930 Grams of calories that’s nearly 2000 calories with 84 gms of protein. If you follow your diet with this mass gainer, trust me you are assured to see some real gains. 

Best Budget Weight Gainer

Dymatize super mass gainer should be your choice if budget is your concern and you don’t want to compromise with your muscle gains. It comes with 1280 grams of calories and 53 grams of protein on each serving. From multivitamin to other essential minerals,  It has everything which an ideal mass gainer should have.

Best Vegan Mass Gainer

MuscleTech Mass-Tech: It is the best gainer for vegetarians because it contains all the ingredients like leucine, creatine and the essential minerals which you require to gain weight. It has been specially made for vegetarians and gives you 1000 calories with 80 gms of protein.

Note: The calories and protein mentioned are on a per-serving basis.

Best Mass Gainers Comparison of 2019 

ON Serious Mass125050 Grams25 Vitamin with creatine and glutamine.12 Lbs
Labrada Gainer193084 GramsBcaa and creatine12 Lbs
ON Pro Complex Gainer65060 Grams24 Vitamins & Minerals10 LbsCheck Price
MuscleTech Mass Tech101080 GramsBcaa, leucine and creatine monohydrate7 LbsCheck Price
Dymatize Super Mass Gainer128052 GramsMultivitamins, Bcaa and Creatine12 LbsCheck Price
BSN True Mass70045 GramsCarbs and Fibers5.82 LbsCheck Price
Universal Nutrition Mass Gainer60053 GramsComplexed carbs, flaxseed oil and fibers6.8 LbsCheck Price

ON Pro Complex: Best Gainer for Adding Quality Size

ON Pro Complex

This on pro complex mass gainer consists of 60 grams of Protein and 85 grams of carbs which will help you to kick-start your muscle recovery and restore your energy.

If you are concerned about sugar quantity then you should go for pro complex because it gives you 650 calories on each serving with just 1 gram of sugar added to it.

Apart from calories and protein, Pro complex comes with 22 minerals and vitamins. That’s a plus point for any mass gainer because those people who work out or are more physically active needs minerals & vitamins more.


  • Less Ingredients as compared to others in the market.
  • Not made for Ectomorphs because of the calories count.

Labrada Gainer: Best for Bulking

Labrada Gainer: Best for Bulking

Labrada is what you need if you are want to load your body with carbs and protein. Another thing to note about it is that it has no dextrose, sucrose, or corn syrup solids.

It gives you 1930 calories in one serving, with ⅕ protein carbs ratio.

It also contains soy lecithin which helps the gainer powder to dissolve in water or milk.


  • Taste is not so good.
  • Too Sweet

ON Serious Mass: Best for Hardcore Gaining

People who have a high metabolism and are not able to gain weight then serious mass gainer is your choice. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass gives you 1640 calories if you take it with milk and 1250 calories with water.

It comes with more than 250 grams of carbohydrates without any added sugar content, which helps to replenish glycogen.

ON being a leader in supplement the fitness industry have taken care of all the things while making this mass gainer. Apart from protein and calories perfect mixture, it includes ingredients like glutamine, creatine etc,  


  • It is a bit thick when you take it with milk.
  • Bigger Soop that means larger serving.

MuscleTech Mass-Tech: Best for Gaining lean Muscles

MuscleTech Mass-Tech Mass Gainer

Muscletech Mass-tech is the top choice of vegan fitness experts when their goal is to build lean muscles. If it’s a vegan weight gainer, then Don’t think that it is less than anyone on the list.

It comes with 1010 calories and 80 grams of protein. It has a multi-phase protein system and it is known to build muscle and strength. It has a rare combination of ingredients and is the most versatile mass gainer in the market.


  • A bit high on price
  • Quantity is less.

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer: Best for Beginners

Are you beginners who have just started lifting the weight and looking to gain some muscle? Then dymatize will complete all your needs. Considering factors like budget, taste, and quality. It has everything. It has 1280 calories with ingredients like Bcaa, creatine, and multivitamin.

And When it comes to taste and result, it is one of the best weight gainers.

BSN True Mass Gainer

BSN True mass helps you to gain lean muscles and recover your muscles faster. It also increases your strength. It comes with 710 calories for each serving and 90 grams of carbs. I would recommend this gainer to someone who wants to make a lean body and does not have a budget concern.  


  • Less ingredients
  • Costly
  • Thick and does not mix well.
  • You may feel bloated.

Universal Nutrition Mass Gainer: Best for Skinny Guys

Universal Nutrition Mass Gainer

Universal nutrition has 52g grams of protein and 600 calories per serving. It contains whey, micellar casein, complex carbs, healthy fats, and fiber.

One of the facts that people like it because it mixes easily and low on sugar. It also helps to improve muscle size and overall workout performance.


  • Some flavors tastes aren’t good.
  • Less on ingredients side.

How to Choose a Weight Gainer even if you don’t know anything?

If you are a beginner, it gets pretty difficult to choose a suitable mass gainer. Well being, a fitness expert, I have listed a few factors which you must consider.

  1. Your fitness Goal: What results you wish to achieve with a mass gainer is a very crucial factor to consider. Before choosing a mass gainer, think about Weather you want to be bulky or just want to gain some muscle.
  2. Protein and carbs Ratio: One of the important factors that you must look for in a mass gainer that is protein and carbs ratio. An Ideal, complex carb and protein ratio should be 3:1.
  3. Flavor: Many people would disagree but I personally think, the flavor should be a considering factor because you are going to use the same mass gainer twice a day for at least one month. If you don’t like the flavor, then It’s quite normal especially for beginners that you would not use it for more than a week.
  4. Thickness: A good weight gainer authenticity is decided by its thickness. Some experts believe that more the gainer is thick, better results is what you get. 
  5. Ingredients: Apart from protein and calories, there are ingredients you should look for. Like Bcaa (Amino Acids), minerals, multivitamins, creatine, and fibers. These ingredients help you to recover your muscle and build them faster. 
  6. Budget: Taking care of your body be it gaining weight or losing it. It’s not a one-time thing. It is a continuous process and for that you need money. With mass gainer, you will have to take a regular diet also. Plan your diet expenses first and then choose your gainer.
  7. Brand: Be it a gainer, protein or any other sort of supplement. Make sure it should be a trusted brand. After all your health is at stake, never settle for a brand which looks fishy.
  8. Authenticity: When it comes to you

What’s the right time to take a weight gainer? 

Weight gainers are made for a specific purpose. There is a time for everything. If you have just started working out and thinking to take a weight gain.

According to me, No you should not. Firstly, you should try to increase your weight by increasing your diet. Yes, diet is the most important part.

You should not consider weight gainer as a substitute for your diet. It should be an add-on in your diet. So, Increase your diet naturally as much as you can and then get a mass gainer to use it along with your diet.

Benefits of a Mass Gainer: What a Weight Gainer can do?

  • Faster Weight Gain: Mass help you to increase your calories intake which automatically helps to gain weight gain faster.
  • Completes your insufficient diet: It provides you all the things which you are not able to take from your food due to laziness or tight work schedule.
  • Quality muscle gains: There is a difference between good fat and bad fat (Pizza). The fat and other ingredients in mass gainer help to gain quality muscles.
  • Aids in Muscle Recovery: Ingredients like bcaa, glutamine etc. It also helps you in instant muscle recovery which is one of the best parts. Those who have been working out for long they even buy bcaa separately for faster recovery.

Side Effects of Gainers:

  • Loose motions: One of the most common side effects of a mass gainer is loose motions. It commonly happens with beginners. The reason is when you take a mass gainer your body is not used to digest that high amount protein and calories. Due to which you may get loose motion or may even vomit.

Pro Tip: To tackle this side effect beforehand, I would suggest you to slowly increase the weight gainer servings. Start with half of the serving which is mentioned on the pack for the first week. When you feel your body is able to digest it then start with the serving which is recommended.

  • Laziness: if you are taking protein or gainer, laziness comes with both of them. It’s just that gainers make you feel lazier because of high calories intake and the fatigue after a workout. 
  • Acne: People who don’t drink ample amount of water or have some allergies from the products included in the gainers may get acne on their face or back. Whenever you are taking a gainer or a protein you should increase your water intake. 
  • Allergies: Most of the people are allergic to something or the other. We always believe that. 
  • Liver Effect: Mass gainers are heavy to digest and it directly affects your liver. This happens because when you take weight gainer your liver had to work more than it usually works to digest your food.

Check of this video which talks about healthy snacking for weight gain:

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